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Replenish your Hair

Stimulate, Replenish, Strengthen your Hair

Stimulate, Replenish, Strengthen your hair. Yep that time of year and all the changes with Spring and our scalps feeling the wrath of this past winter. rejuvenate and wake that scalp up.

Buildup from hair products especially dry shampoos and root touch up sprays build on our scalp and plug the pores and then our scalps start to build up and cause fungus and scalp situations.

Lets face it no one likes a stinky scalp. Scalps can get down right stinky without proper care. Bacteria and fungus can grow up there. Anti bacterial properties need to be added they are not generally in shampoos. Pure Organic essential oils have been working miracles on skin for centuries.


We took the concept of Scalp Oils and simplified it. For each season their are different factors that effect our Scalp, Spring is time to Rejuvenate, Summer we need UV absorption and a smell fresh scent for those sweaty Summer days. Fall we need to deep clean, Winter we need maximum moisture and anti-bacterial benefits. #scalptreatment#oilyscalp#thinninghair#hairstylist#hairideas#naturalhair

4 products to give you year round clean scalp.

The Ultimate Scalp Treat. Premium Organic Hair and Scalp Oil Treatments for scalp conditions like dandruff, dry scalp, Itchy scalp and a variety of other scalp conditions. Take a few minutes to include Scalp First Oils into your daily Shampoo Ritual, a few drops a relaxing massage and shampoo. You have just taken the first steps on keeping the hair that you have on your head. Increased blood circulation increases the chances for a healthier head of hair. Scalp First Oil Treatments can be used as a lightweight silicone free defrizz product when added to dry hair. Try adding a drop or two to your Shampoo and Conditioner to Supercharge your favorite brands.